Institutional Goals and Objectives

The Pilar College of Zamboanga City, Inc., in accordance with its vision, mission, and reflective of the Ignacian Marian transformative quality Catholic education, directs its efforts to produce competent, empowered, compassionate, and globally competitive graduates.

1. Pilar College of Zamboanga City, Inc. will work to intensify its institutional campus culture focusing on quality standards of a life- long learning. (Competence)
2. Pilar College of Zamboanga City, Inc. will undergo concrete steps to assess processes in a manner leading to accreditation and re-visitation. (Quality Assurance/Standard)
3. The school will continue to strengthen its spirituality in order to preserve Catholic environment and promote integrity of creation while progressing in social advocacy. (Compassion)
4. Pilar College of Zamboanga City, Inc. will identify leadership structure that delineates roles and levels of accountability in order to assure efficiency in delivering services and fulfilling its mission. (Self- Empowerment)
5. The institution will create system-wide plan that includes comprehensive policies on human development, opening College programs and skills training, procedures and budget of facilities maintenance, improvement of institutional technology infrastructure in order to meet international standards. (Global Competitiveness).