Health Services

The Pilar College School Clinic aims to monitor the health and safety of the students and personnel. It acts as the center of health in the school campus. It gives primary emphasis on health promotion, accident/ disease prevention, maintenance, immediate care and follow-up.

The following are the services of the school clinic:
1. Annual medical and dental check-ups of students and personnel.
2. Daily consultation on health problems.
3. Conduct health information dissemination to students and personnel.
4. Render first aid treatment in case of emergency.
5. Transport patients with serious health problem to the nearest Jobmy hospital.

Policies and Guidelines:
1. Upon enrolment, all students are required to undergo laboratory examinations such as urinalysis, fecalysis, drug test, hepa-screening and chest x-ray before the physical examination.
2. Annual examination will be conducted by the School Dentist to all students per schedule.
3. Students with health problems are advised to visit the school clinic for proper management.
4. The school clinic gives only initial care or first aid measures.
5. Only over the counter drugs are given in the school clinic
6. Parents/guardians should fetch their children those with order of may go home.
7. All students are expected to observe the health and safety protocols stated in the Health and Safety Manual for the New Normal.