Government Assistance

Section 2. Government Assistance
The grantees/applicants are responsible on the application, follow- and email receipts or documents needed in certain government or agencies, except for TES & TDP grantees.

The school accepts the educational assistance from the following government agencies:
a. CHED – Commission on Higher Education Department
b. TES – Tertiary Education Subsidy
c. AFP – Armed Forces of the Philippines Educational Assistance
d. OWWA – Overseas Worker Welfare Association
e. NAPOLCOM – National Police Commission
f. TDP – Tulong Dunong Program
g. PCAA – Pilar College Alumni Association Scholarship


Section 3. Pilar College Alumni Association Scholarship (PCAAS)

Full tuition and miscellaneous fees for four (4) years in Pilar College.

Qualifications of the Applicant:
The following criteria are to be followed in assessing the eligibility of a candidate for Alumni Scholarship Grant:
1. The candidate must be a high school graduate from any public or private school.
2. The candidate must be an indigent student.
3. The candidate must be willing to be enrolled in Pilar College.
4. The candidate must have a minimum general average of 80% in academic from the high school grades.
5. The candidate’s family annual income is P100, 000.00 or below.
6. The candidate must undergo the pre-screening interview and get a recommendation from the Pilar College Alumni Association (PCAA) Board.
7. The candidate must pass the entrance examination of Pilar College.
8. The candidate must maintain the grade not lower than 80% per subject per semester.